Classic Cocktails

Irish Coffee  $12

Jameson whiskey, strong coffee, brown sugar and fresh cream

Hot Whiskey  $10

Jameson whiskey, lemon, cloves, sugar and hot water

Aperol Spritz $15

Aperol, Prosseco, soda

Whiskey Sour  $18

 Traditional sour w Jameson Black Barrel, egg white and lemon

Manhattan  $18

Canadian club 12 YO, Lillet rouge and orange bitters

Rusty Nail $18

Drambuie and The Irishman Founders Reserve

Negroni $18

Gin, Campari, Lillet Rouge

Tom Collins $18

4 Pillars Gin, lemon, and soda

Gin Martini  $20

Glendalough Irish Gin, Lillet Blanc

Vodka Martini  $20

Ruby Blue Irish Potato Vodka, Lillet Blanc

Irish Mule $18

Hyde 1916 Single Grain Bourbon Finish, fresh lime and ginger ale

Boulevardier $18

Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, Campari, Lillet Rouge


Buck's Signature Cocktails



Irish Peated Old Fashioned  $20

Connemara Peated Single Malt, brown sugar and orange bitters

Winter Warmer $18

Teeling small batch, Cointreau, creme de cacao and stout syrup

Young Buck $18

Lillet Blanc, Amaro Montenegro, Aperol, Orange

The Routine $18

Nikka 'From the Barrel', Ginger Liqueur, Chair Syrup, Orange Bitters

Grapevine Sour $18

Pisco, Creme de Cassis, lemon, egg

The Canadian $18

Canadian Club, Sunshine Liqueur, Ginger Liqueur

Teeling Espresso Martini  $18

Feeling single grain whiskey, coffee, Kahlua and sugar

Brunswick Bramble $18

Patient Wolf Gin, Creme de Cassis, Lemon, Orange

Chair Spiced White Russian $18

Vodka, Jumping Goat Liqueur, Toasted Cream, Chai Syrup

White Robin $18

Redbreast 12 Yo, Lillet Blanc, vanilla syrup

Big Fizz $18

Starward, Lillet Blanc, Lemon, Egg, Chai Syrup

Mr Mulligan's Hot Buttered Rum $18

Spiced Rum, toasted cream, orange bitters, spiced syrup