July's Writer Under the Influence

Brilliant local poet Bel Schenk is our special guest for July’s Writers Under the Influence event.

Bel is the author of three poetry collections - Urban Squeeze (2003); Ambulances & Dreamers (2008); and Every Time You Close Your Eyes (2014).


She is currently working on her first novel and will be reading extracts from her work in progress, plus a few poems and influences past and present. 


'There is a knowingness, an ambiguity at the heart of Schenk's poetry that resists easy labels.' - Geoffrey Lehmann, Australian.

Every Time You Close Your Eyes -  ‘…a solid and original contribution through which readers can see the verse novel anew – as mutable and dynamic in its ongoing negotiations with genres, techniques and forms.’ Linda Weste, Text Journal.

'Sparsely written, yet deeply self-aware ... Schenk’s Every Time You Close Your Eyes shows how poetry can represent moments of time with stunning concentration.' - Autumn Royal, Cordite Poetry Revie.w

Ambulances & Dreamers -  ‘An engaging collection.’ J.M. Coetzee.